Vehicle Advertising Statistics

Creative sign design can help you to achieve great results from your Vehicle Advertising. We can deliver Car or Van Advertisements that create more Brand Exposure opportunities, using your current vehicles to expand your client base or manage your brand image through local impressions. Vehicle Advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to Advertise to a local Audience and creates a Brand Presence and trust through regular exposure to your brand. Vehicle Advertising can be planned over 3, 5, 7 or 10 years to match your current and future needs.

In recent US and Australian studies on Advertising, Media and Infrastructure:

48% of people polled viewed car advertising as the most unique form of advertising.

Car advertising and Television were considered to be the most memorable

47% of people aged 18-34 that were surveyed found car advertising especially memorable

Car Advertising is not considered to be interruptive or an annoyance, like many other forms of advertising

Approximately 45 BILLION kilometers are traveled on Melbourne’s roads every year.

Your car becomes a mobile billboard and can be placed or driven in busy areas or areas you wish to expand into.

In Melbourne people travel more then an hour a day to and from work 91% of that time on the Melbournes roads.

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